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The most important meeting of energy traders is back! After two years, Energy Commodities Trading Conference, is held again in order to present all the new developments regarding the sector of energy commodities.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic and during the past few months, the energy sector is going through one of the most crucial periods of the past decades. But this time, on the contrary with what happened during the energy crises of the past, there are new products and solutions, which can lead to the mitigation of the costs and the increase of the earnings.

Energy Commodities Trading Conference will become the meeting point of the energy community of Greece and the Southeastern Europe, presenting the new orientation of the energy markets and the latest traders’ tactics.


Under the scope of the latest developments and the intense fluctuations in the energy prices since 2020, the conference will focus on

  • How does price increase affect Energy Markets
  • How does the rapid rise of the prices influence the function of the energy markets
  • The fluctuations in Natural Gas and the supply security,
  • The future of lignite and the emissions trading
  • The “solution” of LNG and the price analysis
  • Energy demand in Greece and Southeastern Europe, until 2030
  • The Greek Energy Exchange Market and how it has evolved over the past four years.
  • The  institutional and regulatory interventions
  • The Energy Exchange Markets in the Central and Southeastern Europe, interconnectivity and cooperations
  • The renewable energy era

Why attend

  • Learn all the latest developments and opportunities in the Greek energy market.
  • Get informed about the new products and solutions in order to deal with the intense price fluctuations
  • Listen to all the experts’ analyses and predictions on the energy prices for the months and years to follow
  • Built and develop contacts with Greek and foreign traders.
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Who should attend

Government and state officials • Institutional and regulatory energy organizations officials • Natural Gas Suppliers • Electricity Suppliers • Industry CEOs • Representatives of the Energy Exchanges of Greece and other countries • Investors Bankers • Traders • Brokers


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DEPA –the company that pioneered natural gas in Greece, making a significant investment in the energy industry.

Having marked a long presence in the Greek market, DEPA has established itself as a cutting-edge and competitive group of companies and ensured a dynamic presence in the energy industry, also making a substantial contribution to the growth of the Greek economy, environmental protection and improvement of the quality of life in local communities.

DEPA introduced compressed natural gas (CNG) for the supply of vehicles with natural gas, under the brand name “FISIKON”, to the Greek market. Currently, there are 20 FISIKON fuelling stations in operation: two wholly-owned in Anthousa and Ano Liossia, and 18 operated in collaboration with other companies, aiming to amplify the benefits of gas fueled transportation.

Τhe establishment and development of FISIKON aimed, from the beginning, at the gradual expansion of the CNG fuelling stations’ network and the increase of CNG vehicles’ fleet, in terms of regulatory framework as well as in practice in the reducing of the transportation costs in the Greek natural gas (including CNG) market.

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