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International meeting on the role of Power Exchanges in the coupled European energy markets

The 3rd international high level meeting in Athens, “Energy Commodities Conference 2017”, is going to take place on Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th of May 2017. Part of the discussion will be the principle evolutions of the Power Markets in CEE and SEE, always as part of the planned European Single Market. This Conference aims to contribute to Executives’ communication, to bring together Power Exchanges from different countries, to shed light upon developments in different markets and to offer a constant and prolific environment for dialogue and know-how exchange. In addition it amplifies the extroversion of the Balkan power suppliers and traders and brings together for the 1st time trading associations from various CEE and SEE countries.

This year’s event focuses on the role of Power Exchanges in coupled markets, on the transition of LAGIE under Target Model directives, on the 2ndary market for ‘NOME’ products in the Greek market, on the Capacity Assurance Mechanisms in different countries under the EU directives as well as on entrepreneur solutions and services offered by energy retailers in their ‘fight’ for market share. Furthermore we couldn’t resist but to offer information about state of the art IT solutions for Energy Companies during the last session of the Agenda.


Energy Commodities Conference 2017 includes two Workshops for Energy Executives the day after the conference that is on Saturday the 13th of May 2017. The workshops are:

1. Job Opportunities in Power & Gas – a Headhunter’s View (09:00 - 10:30)
Jakob Bloch, CEO, Commodity Appointments Ltd

  • New markets need new skills
  • Salaries and other rewards for success
  • Building the right team

2. Negotiations for Energy Companies and Utilities (11:00 – 15:30)
Dr. Andreas Nikolopoulos, Emeritus Professor in Negotiations, Athens University of Economics and Business
Ilias Kapoutsis, Assistant Professor (adjunct), Athens University of Economics and Business

  • Strategy 'One against all'
  • Intercultural negotiations
  • Negotiations in the internal environment of a big company

Conference Topics

In more details the agenda of the Conference entails the following subjects:

  • The role of Power Exchanges towards the integration of the market
  • The role of LAGIE as the Greek Power Exchange towards the Target Model and the Market Coupling with Italy
  • The price landscape in SEE and the opportunities arise for Power Trading and Supplying firms
  • The Capacity Markets Landscape in EU, as well as the EU directives for different state members
  • The permanent mechanism for the Greek Capacity Assurance Certificates
  • The landscape for power supplying companies in the Balkan Region
  • The different strategies new alternative suppliers follow in their ‘fight’ for market share
  • The entrepreneur services by power suppliers and DSOs which will change the status quo of end consumers and will turn them to ‘prosumers’
  • The new IT tools for managing energy data, about price and RES production forecasting as well as fancy visualization software
  • The continuing support of EEX to the Greek energy market and the possibilities for physical contracts
  • The internal market price observation and the market shares of alternative suppliers
  • The offered courses by domestic educational institutions


Luis Colasante Luis Colasante is the Group Energy Manager and Head of Economic Research at Sogefi Group. He is in charge of developing the Group energy strategies and policies; as well as macroeconomic research for the Purchasing Commodity Department of the Group. He provides analysis in forex, interest rates, commodities as well as energy trading strategies and hedging.
Martin Georgiev Martin Georgiev is the Managing Director of Alpiq Energia Bulgaria and responsible for the Group’s operations in the South Balkans Region. He is Chairman of the Association of Electricity Traders in Bulgaria and member of the Exchange Council of the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange.
Dina Lašová Dina Lašová joined Power Exchange Central Europe as Business Development and is responsible for client relations, sales and business development. She was involved in several key projects such as change of the clearing house, gas market launch and currently in the migration of PXE to EEX.
Dr. Ion Lungu Dr. Ion Lungu is elected President of AFEER (Romanian Association of Electricity Suppliers) in 2016 and General Director of CEZ TRADE Romania. His background includes: President of Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority - ANRE, Director General of ELECTRICA - the Electricity Distribution and Supply Company, and member in the National Electricity Company’s Board of Directors, Director of Supply Department of ELECTRICA.
Elton B. Radheshi Elton Radheshi is Director of Market Operator Department at the Albanian Transmission System Operator, OST, and is responsible from OST for the establishment of the Albanian Power Exchange Project. He joined OST as responsible for the Project Implementation Unit in charge for the implementation of infrastructure development projects. He was also recently elected Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of SEE CAO, established in Podgorica.
Gerd Stuhlmacher Gerd Stuhlmacher is a partner in the energy team of Norton Rose Fulbright in Munich with extensive knowledge in German and European energy law, including international trading of electricity, gas and LNG. Besides the structuring of all types of commodity transactions, he focuses on compliance with regulatory requirements of the energy trading market.
Attila Takács Attila Takács, Head of Sales and Client Relations in KELER Group, Hungary is in charge of expanding the domestic and regional capital market and energy market client base of KELER Group, the leading Hungarian central securities depository and central counterparty.
Ventsislav Topuzov Ventsislav Topuzov is Managing Partner at ROITI – a company focused on ETRM consulting and services. His whole career has been in consulting roles across leading energy companies in Germany, Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Bulgaria.
Dr. Wolfram Vogel Dr. Wolfram Vogel is Director of Public & Regulatory Affairs and Communications of EPEX SPOT, the European Power Exchange that operates the power spot markets in Central Western Europe and the UK. Since 2017 he is Member of the Management Board of EPEX SPOT Belgium and Board member of APEx, the global Association of Power Exchanges.
Konstantinos Athanassiadis Since 2014 he holds the position of Chairman of the Board of the Hellenic Association of Electricity Trading & Supply Companies (ESEPIE). Since 2008, he holds the position of Regional Manager of GEN-I Athens, the largest alternative electricity trader in Greece.
Athanasios Ghikas Mr. Athanasios Ghikas is the founder and Μanaging Director of Clarus ESCo, a company that developed and is currently operating the first price comparison site for electicity in Greece, Mr Ghikas has been a visionary of "smart energy" (electrical energy in particular) for the past 30 years.
Andreas Daskalakis Mr. Andreas Daskalakis currently holds the position of the Director of Market Operation & Member Support Division, responsible for Group’s and ATHEX’s Regional Cooperation Markets Operation (Cyprus SE and SIBEX (ROM)) as well as their participants’ support. He is the key account manager on the Group responsible for ATHEX’s endeavor to contribute to the establishment of an efficient Energy Market in the context of the EU regulatory framework, which will be eligible to couple with the related neighboring Markets.
Dr. Nikolaos Ziogos Dr. Nikolaos Ziogos is Assistant Director of the Regulatory & European Affairs Department of LAGIE S.A. with more than 15 years of knowledge and experience in Competitive Electricity Markets. The last 8 years he has been working as a Scientific Staff specialized in Power Markets and Power System Economics for the Hellenic Transmission System Operator (HTSO) and the Electricity Market Operator (LAGIE S.A.) in the fields of Market Operation, Monitoring and Transparency, Analysis and Modelling.
Dr. Sotirios Manolkidis Dr. Sotirios Manolkidis is currently the Vice-President of the Hellenic Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE). Former Lecturer of European Public Law at Cardiff Law School (1995 – 1998), for over ten years has been employed in RAE’s Legal Department as In-House Advocate. As an energy expert he has acquired knowledge in the fields of power market design, Renewables and Greece’s international interconnections.
Professor Dr. A. Metaxas Professor Dr Antonis Metaxas is Managing Partner of M&A Law Firm and leads the EU and Energy Law Department of the Firm. He is regarded as one of the leading academics and practitioners in the field of Energy Regulation and EU State Aid Law in Europe.
Dr. Vassilis Nikolopoulos Vassilis is the CEO and co-founder of Intelen Inc, a fast growing company in the domain of utility energy analytics and consumer digital engagement with the use of advanced behavioral data science. He has global recognitions in top innovation and entrepreneurship contests. From 2005 to 2011, Vassilis has worked on technical trend forecasting methodologies and innovation management procedures, focusing on the Big Data problems applied to Utilities and the Energy Sector (Smart Grids).
Dr. Christos Papadopoulos Dr. Papadopoulos is currently managing the Administration of Energy Exemplar’s European Business Operation and Business Development and the use of PLEXOS® in Integrated Resources, Investments and Strategic Analysis & Planning in European Energy Systems and Markets.
Theodoros Trachanidis Theodoros Trachanidis is a leadership and team building consultant. With his company ‘9-Ennea’, he is focusing on improving companies’ performance, the workplace environment and the team effectiveness. His professional career has developed in the energy business in Europe and USA.
Alexandra Psyrri Alexandra Psyrri has recently been appointed as CEO in PPC BG, a newly established Bulgarian electricity trading company. She has been in the energy trading business since 2002, working in PPC S.A. the Greek Electricity Utility, as Assistant Director in the Energy Management Dept., responsible for Front Office Operations in the Greek and Italian Markets and Cross-Border electricity trade.

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