Thursday May10th | gazARTE Live, Athens

150+ participants
45 energy firms / 2 workshops
20+ awesome speakers

organized by Plant


Check out the schedule of this year’s conference

This year the Agenda of the Conference will include two sessions and two workshops. The content of the agenda will be announced shortly.

1st Speakers’ session all attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • get the most updated feedback from EEX and ECC about their services and their future plans for SEE
  • hear representatives from local power exchanges speaking about their services, the products traded as well as admission processes and plans for mergers
  • understand the status of the Greek power market which is about to launch very soon the newly established Greek Power Exchange (joint venture between LAGIE and the Stock Market Exchange)
  • discuss about the changes that will affect very soon energy markets due to the Market Coupling between Italy and Greece
  • feel the steps already taken to the direction of bundled products of power and gas
  • see the developments about gas forward contracts and their availability in SEE region

2nd Speakers’ session Traders, Analysts and Risk Managers will learn:

  • state of the art software tools and techniques for price and load forecasting and analysis
  • different approaches to analyze and manage Risk
  • new ways to visualize reports as well as to collect data from the web
  • platforms and portals providing great support to trading decisions
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Energy Commodities Conference 2018 includes two Workshops for Energy Executives on the same day.
Workshop I


1 hour by ECC experts

• Presentation of PRISMA algorithm
• Margining mechanisms
• Updates on Clearing procedures

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Workshop II

The Italian Power and Gas markets

1 hour by ALBA Soluzioni

• Presentation of the key drivers for Power and Gas prices in Italy
• New analysis tools and price forecasting methods
• The Italian Interconnection capacity, developments, new projects
• The integration of RES in the System

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